315th Infantry 79th Division operations in August 1944

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    Apr 19, 2019
    Hello, I am looking for information on the actions of the 315th Infantry 79th Division. My former neighbor in Savannah Georgia, USA had a brother who fell on August 28, 1944 during operations on the drive to take and hold the Seine bridgehead. Lt Alfred McPeters C company was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for that action. I believe Lt McPeters fell in the vicinity of Mantes Gassicourt.

    Can anyone point me to resources that may include further description or action reports?
    I have the 79th ID Combat History published in 1946.

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    Oct 24, 2012
    Last time I looked into this division I found it was poorly covered online.
    Very few of its records appear to have been digitized
    . I certainly do think the division deserves more recognition.

    During the period your are looking for the division belonged to XV Corps and its records might hold more information. Its after action report is however rather basic:After action reports, XV Corps, 31 July 1944 to 9 May 1945. :: World War II Operational Documents

    The archives of the division commander are held by the East Carolina University. This may hold detailed records and orders from/to the 79th ID. Collection Guides at East Carolina University
    Last time I checked they had a rather helpful policy of providing (scanning) pages free of charge (75 I think).


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