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Whitebeam Battlefield Research Forum was established in the autumn of 2012 as a voluntary venture to assist with and bring forward new research into the D-Day Invasion and the subsequent Normandy Campaign during the summer of 1944.

Members contribute their individual research skills and time on a voluntary basis to help veterans, veterans’ families’ and students of the Invasion to research all aspects of the subject ranging from such diverse topics as individual veteran accounts to major military formations at Army and Corps level.

In many instances, we have been successful in tying descriptions of actions to reconnaissance cover flown over the particular area in question. Membership of the Forum is free and open to all. We welcome and encourage active participation by new members with an interest in any aspect of the subject. While the Members generously give their time and effort freely, there are associated costs with keeping the Forum running and also in acquiring expensive resource material, most notably copies of aerial reconnaissance cover and annual membership fees for online resources.

Please consider giving a small donation if you have enjoyed your experience visiting the Forum.

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Pat Curran
Forum Administrator

Aug 1, 2017
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